Welcome to the new MAP Real Estate website!

This blog post, my first, is your introduction to MAP Real Estate and its services. I founded MAP at the end of 1986, after working for a boutique firm that represented office tenants. MAP’s mission is to help you secure the best possible space for your company or your nonprofit—under the best possible terms.

The MAP blog will have posts about technical aspects of office leasing and provide helpful answers to FAQs, mostly from the tenant’s perspective. However, occasionally, we’ll also offer ideas from the landlords’ perspective. Knowing what motivates your opponent before you begin negotiating can offer you a powerful advantage.

You can look forward to posts about MAP’s activities, updates on real estate matters of importance to you and your organization, and posts about Investing In Communities®, the separate nonprofit social enterprise that is also the charitable arm of MAP. You will find out more about IIC in the weeks ahead, or you can visit that web site at your convenience by clicking here.

Whether you’re thinking about renewing in the space you already occupy or you are looking for just the right new space, I’ll give you tips for getting the best lease. Some posts will be deep-dives into specific points of the process; others will be overviews from higher-altitude.

I hope you’ll visit often to get helpful leasing tips, market insights, and to read (short) stories about activities at MAP and IIC. Feel free to send me your comments and questions. I’ll do my best to respond, as quickly as time permits. You can contact me at: blog@maprealestate.com