How is MAP Doing Business, Doing Goodsm?

MAP Real Estate has been helping Chicago office tenants save time and money on their office leases since 1986  We’ve done this over 900 times.

Even if your lease expiration is more than a year or two away, we would welcome the opportunity to share some ideas that could be helpful to you whether you end up working with us or not. And, by the way, our services are free to you.

But what we’re most proud of is how we do business. Not only are we laser focused on getting our clients their ideal space with best possible terms, but we also donate at least 10% of our revenue to the causes chosen by our clients. We’ve been doing business this way since 1995.

MAP created IIC as an independent nonprofit social enterprise that Is free for Individuals and companies across the country to use.

In 1995, MAP began empowering clients to do business, doing good, by inviting them to direct to a nonprofit of their choice at least 10% of the commission earned from their transaction. In this way, MAP has donated over $550,000 to our clients’ causes. We created the nonprofit, Investing In Communities, as a web-based platform, to enable residential & commercial consumers, across the country, to generate free funding for a charity or school of their choice, regardless of the brokerage company or agent they choose through IIC. There is no limit on the selection of agents that consumers can work with. 


The Editor-in-Chief of Chicago-based Associated Publications, has served on the PAWS Chicago board for years. So, PAWS was the natural choice to receive the IIC distributions from their Chicago office lease transactions at the John Hancock Building. That’s one of the beneficiaries, over on the right. Associated Publications chose MAP Real Estate 20+ years ago and we are so proud to have been their tenant rep, us ever since.

IIC Big Check to CLCCRUL

As a result of a new office lease and, when it ended, a renewal office lease, Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (CLCCRUL), which works to secure racial equity and economic opportunity for all, selected itself to receive $14,320 through Investing In Communities. We are so proud that of all commercial real estate agencies, CLCCRUL chooses MAP to be its office tenant rep! CLCCRUL is an IIC Social Justice charity.

IIC Big Check to TPAN

TPAN chose MAP as its office tenant rep. We couldn’t be prouder that because they did, when they signed their lease for larger, newer space, TPAN received $13,536 from IIC to help them to empower people affected by HIV/AIDS.

IIC Big Check to Woodstock Inst.

The Woodstock Institute helps people and communities of color or low wealth to achieve economic prosperity. Because they choose MAP Real Estate as their commercial real estate broker to handle a lease renewal negotiation, they were able to generate $2,239 to support their mission. Most recently, they signed a new office lease and generated an additional $2,159 of funding from IIC. We love Woodstock and we love doing business, doing goodsm!

When Housing Action Illinois wanted a tenant rep to negotiate their office lease renewal, they chose MAP and received $1,736 of unrestricted funding from IIC. Years later, MAP negotiated their lease for new Chicago office space, and that IIC distribution was $2,219. We are proud that our work supports the mission of expanding affordable housing availability across Illinois!


PrimeCare wanted to open a primary care family health clinic in Belmont-Cragin and chose MAP as their office tenant rep. We are proud to have been a partner in the creation of their gleaming state-of-the-art 16,000sf clinic and even prouder to have provided $30,000 of unrestricted funding for their mission!

IIC Big Check to DVLC

As a result of its new office sublease, Domestic Violence Legal Clinic, an IIC Social Justice charity, was able to receive $1,877 through Investing In Communities to help them serve more survivors of domestic violence. We love to represent organizations that are making our world better and are humbled to be able to contribute to their well being.

IIC Big Check to Circle of Parents

We were honored to be chosen as the tenant rep to negotiate another Chicago office lease for Metropolitan Group when they needed to expand their Chicago office space. As a result of that transaction, Circle of Parents was chosen by our client to receive $2,313 through Investing In  Communities®. We call that doing  business doing goodsmAnd it’s our pleasure!

IIC Big Check for Delta Institute

Delta Institute had learned of MAP and our sister organization, Investing In Communities, when we negotiated a couple office leases for ShoreBank, where Delta’s CEO has been a senior executive. We were so pleased to have been chosen as tenant rep to handle Delta’s relocation and the expansion of its Chicago office space. We were thrilled to provide the unrestricted funding for its $10,924 IIC distribution, and, in our small way, help sustain its mission of sustainability.

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