Continued Advisory

Commercial Real Estate Rental Continued AdvisoryMAP stands with its clients even after the lease is signed. MAP is your ombudsman and advocate, tracking progress during construction and working as a liaison between you and building management during the move-in.

MAP will also be there with you for the punch list “walk through,” to insure that all aspects of the construction are completely satisfactory.

After you move in to the space, MAP serves as your link to the building manager. If there are problems, MAP will make every effort to see that they are corrected according to the terms of the work letter. Throughout the life of the lease, MAP will be there to assist you and take the lead in resolving your concerns.

In addition to helping you resolve problems that arise, MAP will gladly reevaluate a lease during the term to assess whether changing market conditions warrant renegotiation.

A Final Word

The formal relationship between a broker and client usually ends when a lease is fully executed – that is, once the build-out is complete and the space is occupied.

MAP’s objective is to build a continuing relationship with its clients, one that is based on trust and excellent service.

We will do whatever we can to make sure your total experience is a positive one.

That’s the MAP commitment.