Unfortunately there aren’t any simple, short and easy do’s and don’ts, but MAP Real Estate is here to help.

Times are tough, but entering into a long term lease, without thinking about the future can be devastating. MAP Real Estate has the knowledge and 28 years of experience to guide you through the entire leasing process. We can even offer some suggestions as to how to negotiate with your current landlord if you need cash flow relief.

If your business or organization is looking for new office space or planning to renew an existing lease, you need allies. You need experts. You need MAP Real Estate, Inc.

Here’s what Terry Cosgrove, President & CEO of Personal PAC said about our services. “…As a nonprofit, we guard our bottom line as fiercely as any for-profit and Michael is as attentive to that as we are. Michael not only represented us with the competence and market savvy one expects from a professional, but he also gave our organization, through MAP’s Investing In Communities┬« program, over $2300 of the commission he earned doing so. Our office space needs are neither large in size nor grand in decor, yet Michael gives the impression that we are his sole and/or most important client when we are working together.”

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